Indie Sync House, founded in 2020,  is a boutique music placement and sync licensing agency, which represents independent music catalog to service audio-visual productions and media outlets, worldwide.

The agency is run by Anna Kelberg-Kim, an entertainment professional with a unique background in music and law. Anna is a classically trained violinist and pianist who grew up in an arts-rich environment. She has always valued the arts as an important and integral part of her daily life, deeply rooted in growing up among generations of professional music educators and music artists. 

Becoming a music therapist through her undergraduate studies has taught her to recognize the psychological processes in listening and playing music. Anna’s passion for music synchronization comes from within her music education and legal practice as an entertainment lawyer, where she acquired knowledge of the music business world and the tools to help creatives build their careers.   

At Indie Sync House, we thrive to bring the best music from up-and-coming and well-known independent artists. Our music is available for placements within a wide range of sync opportunities, including film, television, advertising, trailers, mobile downloads, sports and video games.